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The Step-By-Step Process To A Swoon-Worthy Copy

The Biz Sherlocking

Do you know why my copy ABSOLUTELY brings results? Because one of my favorite TV shows is Sherlock (Benedict Sherlock >>> Downy Jr. Sherlock,
$10 for you if you can change my mind).

So I leverage my crime-mystery-detective obsession to find out everything about your business, ideal clients, and competitors. I check your past copy and past results, even interview past clients if needed, to lay the basis for a copy you are absolutely smitten with.

The Tone Trekking

For a copy that talks to YOUR ideal clients, words need to come from YOUR heart. It’s the only way to make your business unique and worth remembering.

And that is why I take determining and adapting your tone of voice most seriously. But here’s a disclaimer: There is only one you. The copy may not be a clone of how you speak, but with your help, we can make it sound 80% like you.

The Copy Matrix

Next, I set out to find out how to position the copy so uniquely that your clients have no reason not to buy from you.

In short, I research their troubles and what solutions they have tried before. Then, I come up with a logical reason why those solutions never worked for them before and how your offer can bridge that gap.

The Word Wizardry

Now, when I finally have considerable information to play with, I start going about chunks of words that’ll go into your copy. Keep in mind, this is only the first draft and looks almost entirely different than what you’ll receive.

But this is the step I bring you in to confirm if you like the direction the copy is heading in and if you’d like me to continue down this road.

The Final Touches

“When you play the game of copy, you edit or your copy dies. There is no middle ground.”

I may not be a Lannister, but I take my game of copy seriously. And take at least a couple of days to edit it to perfection. It includes correcting the flow, ensuring every word makes an impact, and other technical details like formatting, wireframing, etc.

Also, these edits have nothing to do with the round of edits you get to request after deliver the final draft. Don’t worry, you always have a right to claim them. Although, rest assured, I’ll leave no reason. 😉

Marium was recommended to me by a friend when I needed someone like Marium the most. Marium is an amazing copywriter to work with. She accomplishes all tasks professionally, provides suggestions for improvement, and considers all our comments. She makes copy engaging and persuasive, striking the right middle ground between entertaining and selling in a tone applicable to our marketplace. I can 100% recommend her!
Damla Aksu —
Founder “Swiss Impact Store”
Marium has a natural talent for writing, and her copy shows her mettle. I have worked with several writers, but working with her has been the easiest. I’ve hardly had any revisions. She always goes the extra mile to delight you with her marvelous skills. She will not be just a writer but a damn good business asset! Reach out to me directly if you want to hear more good things about Marium.
Maham Kabani —
Direct Response Copywriter
Working with Marium was simple and pleasant. She handles projects efficiently and never misses a deadline. Best wishes for your future, which I believe will be bright. Highly recommended!
Hani Naqvi —
CEO, Founder “Designfull”

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