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My dearest entrepreneur babe:

Launches can be chaotic…
wore-different-socks-to-the-gym kinda chaotic!

If you would like a guaranteed shortcut to FINALLY getting more clients than you could handle… without going batshit crazy with all the marketing…

Then this webpage will be the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever stumbled on!


Because I know you are losing your mind!

You started an online business a few years ago…

Hoping you’ll be swimming in dollar bills by now.

Picking designer dresses to pack for your next family trip to Venice,

Worrying only about the best poses for your Instagram reels.

But look at you now…

You dreamt of travel bags and settled for ones under your eyes!

Your hair went from being socially acceptable to near bald.

And your business keeps fluctuating between “finally showing promise” to “barely breaking even” every other month.

And to put a cherry on top of this disastrous cake of let-downs,

There are a gazillion “expert” marketers online,

Pulling you in a gazillion and one directions.

All promising a Michellin-starred, 5-course feast and failing to deliver even a flavorless crumb.

Now, here’s the question you must be asking at this moment:

So Marium, how do I sell my product or service without falling victim to these con marketers??

The answer is simple: By running a test!

You see, marketing is not a magic pill… You cannot just gobble it down at night and expect to wake up with 15 new sales making you wads of cash the next day.

There are no guarantees, strategies, or secrets… what there is are tests!

Tests you could run to check your sales funnel, marketing, and copywriting to see if they all work.

And that’s where my offer comes in…

High-Converting, Action-Packed, Time-Saving Copywriting For Your Entire Launch Funnel… With $500 Out Of My Pocket To Test And Be 100% Sure It Converts

Look at all these happy clients

Marium was recommended to me by a friend when I needed someone like Marium the most. Marium is an amazing copywriter to work with. She accomplishes all tasks professionally, provides suggestions for improvement, and considers all our comments. She makes copy engaging and persuasive, striking the right middle ground between entertaining and selling in a tone applicable to our marketplace. I can 100% recommend her!
Damla Aksu —
Founder “Swiss Impact Store”
Marium has a natural talent for writing, and her copy shows her mettle. I have worked with several writers, but working with her has been the easiest. I’ve hardly had any revisions. She always goes the extra mile to delight you with her marvelous skills. She will not be just a writer but a damn good business asset! Reach out to me directly if you want to hear more good things about Marium.
Maham Kabani —
Direct Response Copywriter
Working with Marium was simple and pleasant. She handles projects efficiently and never misses a deadline. Best wishes for your future, which I believe will be bright. Highly recommended!
Hani Naqvi —
CEO, Founder “Designfull”

The Deal Is Simple:

I Handle The Copy,
You Handle The Success!

Zero Risks

With a funnel TESTED and that too for FREE, you can launch your program with confidence… zero risks involved!

Zero Stress

No more freaking out over 5,000 word sales letters that you simply don’t have the time to complete… I’ve got you covered on ALL fronts!

All Fun

Fall in love again with your business by actually spending time coaching and not on all that marketing non-sense!

Hi, I'm Marium!

A dental surgeon mum turned copywriter.

Over the last 4 years, I have helped 50+ women-run businesses of all sizes. From small run-from-the-kitchen-countertop coaching programs to giant global fashion marketplaces…

Working with all these kickass female-led businesses has taught me one thing:

We women put every ounce of our soul into everything we do.

Be it making the healthiest meals for our kids or building a top-notch coaching program, the idea of getting help from someone else is often a daunting one.

I know because I have been there too!

Stop Falling For False Promises And Market The Hell Out Of Your Online Business!


The No-Risk Launch Copywriting Package!

Plus, Bonuses If You Book Before The End Of June

Get your hands on invaluable copy assets FOR FREE!

Oh, and did I mention?

500 USD Out Of My Pocket To Test The Copy I Wrote So There Are Zero Risks On Your Side!

The INTRODUCTORY price for launch copywriting package starts at


If you pay in full

Perfect For: experienced launchers with proven, high-ticket offers


You Need Just The No-Risk Sales Page?

No worries. I’ve got you covered!

Plus, bonuses!

And 200 USD Out Of My Pocket To Test The Copy I Wrote So There Are Zero Risks On Your Side!

The INTRODUCTORY price for sales page copywriting starts at


If you pay in full

Perfect For: beginners in the market who need to test their low-ticket offers

I've served:

Mental wellness coaches

Business coaches


Fashion marketplaces

Creativity course creators

Outdoor businesses

Kitchen and cooking experts

Interior designers

Legal consultants

Graphic designers

Menopause gurus

Software providers

The best part is....

When your offer sells like hotcakes with impactful copywriting, you make 5x your copy investment.

So it’s like I’m just straight-up giving you money the whole damn time!!

PS….. Choosing to work with me may result in a glow on your face because of all the free time you have to FINALLY invest in skin care! Proceed at your own risk.

Got some questions???

See if these FAQs help:

I’m so glad you asked!

Think of it this way: would you attempt to climb Mount Everest without a guide? Sure, you could try to make your way up that icy slope on your own, but it’s a lot easier (and safer!) with someone who knows the terrain and can help you avoid the pitfalls. 

The same goes for launching your business. A launch copywriter can help you navigate the tricky landscape of writing persuasive sales copy and ensure your launch is a success. Plus, with a copywriter on your side, you can focus on what you do best – running your business!

Of course, you can use a template. And if you’re happy sounding like every other launch out there, that’s cool too. But if you want to stand out in a crowded market and make a lasting impression on your audience, you need copy that’s as unique as you are.

Well, it really depends on how much preparation you’ve done for your launch. Ideally, you want to give your copywriter enough time to do a thorough job without feeling rushed. I recommend booking your copywriter at least 6 weeks before your launch date. This will give you and your copywriter enough time to work together, revise the copy, and ensure it’s perfect for your big day.

In a world where unicorns exist, and reindeer fly, YES! But in reality, sadly NO 🙁

Conversions depend on various factors outside of just the copy, such as your offer, your audience, and your overall marketing strategy. However, what I can guarantee is that I’ll use my expertise and experience to create high-converting copy that is tailored to your unique offer and audience. I’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure that you’re confident and excited about your launch, but unfortunately, I can’t control the weather (or the whims of the internet).

Full launch copywriting packages take 21 days (or less) from the day of our kick-off call. I can do a single sales page in 4 business days.

Usually, I will only need you for a 60-minute kick-off call to dive deep into your brand, values, goals, obstacles, and vision. After that, you are free to binge on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or obsess over what a shitty ending Game of Thrones had!

Have another query bugging you?