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Being a woman in business is hard. I make it less stressful, more predictable, and a whole lot fun with high-converting, action-packed, and impactful copywriting.







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Hello, fellow boss lady!

I know you’ve got a million things on your plate. Groceries, laundry, meal prep… I bet your mom isn’t happy because you haven’t talked to her in like weeks!

You feel guilty about not spending enough time with your family, And for making your relationships suffer because you are JUST THAT BUSY!

BUT who said running a business was easy??

As if offer-creation, relationship building, or budgeting isn’t a battle in itself… You have to top it all off with this mind-numbing task of writing marketing material.

Oh, what a waste of your energy it is!

You might be a brilliant coach, a master of course creation, or a wizard with digital products and services,

But writing persuasive and relatable copy isn’t always your forte.
Plus, the pain of getting pulled in a gazillion directions by random marketers on the internet!

I get it sista, and here’s how I can help:

I know how hours get poofed out in seconds when you are brainstorming unique ideas for your emails!
Ideas you are not even sure will work.

Stop wasting your time chasing results you cannot guarantee!

Focus on what you do best,
And let me handle the dry, dirty work.
So you can be there for your family more,
Knowing your copy is TESTED to deliver results!


Endorsed by several businesses:

Marium was recommended to me by a friend when I needed someone like Marium the most. Marium is an amazing copywriter to work with. She accomplishes all tasks professionally, provides suggestions for improvement, and considers all our comments. She makes copy engaging and persuasive, striking the right middle ground between entertaining and selling in a tone applicable to our marketplace. I can 100% recommend her!
Damla Aksu —
Founder “Swiss Impact Store”
Marium has a natural talent for writing, and her copy shows her mettle. I have worked with several writers, but working with her has been the easiest. I’ve hardly had any revisions. She always goes the extra mile to delight you with her marvelous skills. She will not be just a writer but a damn good business asset! Reach out to me directly if you want to hear more good things about Marium.
Maham Kabani —
Direct Response Copywriter
Working with Marium was simple and pleasant. She handles projects efficiently and never misses a deadline. Best wishes for your future, which I believe will be bright. Highly recommended!
Hani Naqvi —
CEO, Founder “Designfull”

Oh hi!

It's Marium,

A dental surgeon turned entrepreneur and mommy extraordinaire!

My days revolve around endless toddler tantrums, gazillion snack servings, and never-ending duels.

But every day, when the chaos subsides, I get to put on my copywriter hat and help boss babes like you balance work and family effectively.

Because I believe YOUR wild ideas matter! And you deserve all the support in the world to turn your ramblings into a soaring roar!

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So which one are you?

Are you the ultimate badass coach?

One that needs more clients for their program but can’t trust amateur marketers anymore?

Are you a rockstar course creator?

Whose passive income stream is taking over massive chunks of her time with all that marketing?

Are you a superstar digital seller?

Do you feel like you are constantly hanging off a cliff due to all you need to do to market your business?